Matt Estes

Matt Estes

Paris, Arkansas

16 North Express Street
Paris, AR 72855

Matt Estes always wanted a career where he could help others. His passion for serving his community and supporting others by helping them to learn, grow and thrive led him to become a financial advisor. Matt enjoys working closely with clients to map out a plan to pursue their goals, determine the path that they should follow and celebrate milestones together. His greatest professional joy is that he calls many of his clients friends.

With a commitment for exceptional service, he creates a customized financial plan that’s based on clients’ short-term and long-term goals, while balancing their need, ability and willingness to accept investment risk. He also addresses their broader financial life to cover needs for cash flow and budgeting, college savings, insurance coverage, and retirement distribution strategies. Matt coordinates with his clients’ CPA and estate attorney to ensure all plans are working in conjunction with each other.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arkansas and has been an advisor since 2014. He is active in the Knights of Columbus organization and the local Rotary.

When not working, Matt can usually be found on a ball field, coaching one of his kids’ teams. He and his wife have been married since 2011 and have three wonderful children.